Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Easter Shopping Trip with Mom

I've been coveting a pair of white jeans for quite the little while. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because they are bright and spring-like. Whatever the reason, while I was visiting my family over the Easter weekend, and while my husband and dad were golfing, my mom and I went on a little shopping excursion.

We went to the usual places, hit up a sale at the local Dillard's (hello BCBG for 75% off!) and Old Navy. All told, I ended up with about 8 new tops, including an adorable Old Navy strapless number that would go great with a pair of white jeans!

We decided to make one last trip out to a local botique, which is just about the only place in a 120-mile-radius to get brands such as 7 for all mankind, peace love mom, etc.

We found these white jeans and I fell in love:

You can find them online here: The 7 Website

They were a bit pricier than I was comfortable with, but thanks to Mom (who was also a bit appalled at the tag), I walked out of the store with them in a bag.

Last Thursday, my mom called me and was very excited to let me know that Oprah had just mentioned white jeans as one of spring's "must have" items.

Now she's on her own mission to get a pair.


emily said...

How funny. The other day my daughter (who is 6) was asking how come I don't have any white jeans and maybe could she get some. How did she know they were back in style.

I loved my white jeans. I had them in middle school. Looooved them. I couldn't pull them off right now, but you absolutely can. Jealous!

Mrs Pop said...


I'm a firm believer that anyone can pull almost anything off as long as the fit is right.

That's why I have a place I go for alterations if needed.

Go for it!