Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ciao bello*

*Or rather Ciao Bella! I have a new hair salon and new stylist. My new salon has a restaurant inside with chair delivery service! My new salon has great receptionists, a lovely seating area, infrared dryers, a world-class spa, and lots and lots of products to choose from.
I have a stylist who has an assistant. He has already taken the time to teach me new techniques for styling my hair and using different tools. I've had two luxurious scalp massages. I'm in love with this place!
For the past month, I've been taking vitamins that are supposed to support healthy hair growth (Hair, Skin, and Nails multivitamin, plus MSM to promote fast hair growth). I've also been using the following two products:

Joico K-Pak reconstructor once a week (more than once a week will actually reverse the positive effects)
Sudzz FX Enhance Sustain Conditioner** the rest of the week

I had my first appointment for color last Wednesday and I absolutely love it! There were two deep conditioning treatments (before and after) plus a protein treatment pre-color. He used a low-volume peroxide developer and used very little color. Surprisingly, I'm just as blonde as before, only my color isn't nearly as harsh.

I've run out of the Enhance conditioner and per my hairdresser's instructions, I'm now using the following products on my hair:

Joico K-Pak
Sebastian Penetraitt shampoo and conditioner**
Framesi Options Soothe leave-in conditioner***
Sudzz FX Zenyth Frizz Eliminator shine product

Not only can I see a difference in my hair, I can FEEL it. I have been so abusive to my hair over the past several years, that it will take a while to get it back to where it was. I've given up my flattening iron and my curling iron. I am using better brushes. And the 50-70% of my hair thickness that has been lost due to breakage and damage should be recovered within 6 months to a year.

Here's hoping miracles do happen and I can have healthy, BLONDE hair.

**So I've been having some image loading problems. I've given you the complete names of the products, though, so if you want to give 'em a try, go ahead and google them. I did.

***Wow. During my search for a picture to upload, I see that this product has been discontinued. Now the hunt is on for a new leave-in conditioner. Oh well.