Thursday, August 23, 2007

Notes on "Fashion"

I'm a pretty boring person, clothes-wise.

I have plenty of clothes, but the last time I plunked down a significant amount of money for a "trend" was in the year 2000, when I spent $300 on a pashmina. Noted exceptions to this include shoes, sunglasses, and purses, though I will say that even when I do spend money on these items, they are more on the scale of "timeless" instead of "trendy." In other words, if I'm going to spend a lot of money, I don't want it to go out of style in 3 months. Needless to say, my wardrobe is woefully out of date!

I've never really been comfortable in clothes other than my normal, casual, semi, sort of preppy look. My uniform for work and play consists of a lot of jeans, capri pants, t-shirts, khakis, and polos. Period.

This weekend, I took a step toward changing that somewhat. I bought trendy clothes! If you're in Texas, you may have avoided the malls this weekend because it was tax-free weekend. Not me, though. I took advantage of the sales and the whole "no tax" thing and dedicated a portion of my income to looking good.

First stop was the outlet mall on Friday. Dr Pop went with me. He bought me two pairs of jeans and a Polo (baby steps, people, baby steps!). Later, I went to Old Navy and picked up two pair of pants. I looked at what I'd gotten and I realized that instead of breaking out of my pattern, I was giving into my casual, boring ways.

So on Sunday, I bit the bullet. Armed with a list compiled of "wish list trendy" items, I headed to the mall. Two hours later, I arrived home with an adorable shirt dress from the Gap and this long cardigan/wrap/sweater thing. Still not perfect, but getting better.

With tax-free weekend over, and me still not being all that trendy, I made one last stop at a store near work. Hello sale! And finally, FINALLY! I hit the jackpot. I'm wearing one of my trendy tops with my new jeans today. And damn, I look good!

So is there a point to this little tale of woe and shopping? Not really. But I managed to hunt some good bargains and move toward a new, more stylish, less casual me.