Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skin Care

I have troubled skin. It's not a secret. It is also not a secret that I am open to suggestions and to trying something new. The one thing I've been completely opposed to, though, is La Mer. I can't really explain the "why" of it all, just that I've spent quite a good bit of time opposed to the stuff.

Recently my stress levels increased exponentially, and the stress, combined with my hormonal breakout patterns, plus my complete inability to keep my hands off my face turned my skin into a big ole mess.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Two days before I left for Cancun, I stopped by my local Neiman Marcus as it was right next to the restaurant where I was meeting my family for dinner. I was early. I wandered over to the La Mer counter.

The wonderful consultant gave me this:

La Mer "The Concentrate." She made me a two week sample to try. Well guess what? My self-inflicted red marks faded! My fine lines were reduced! And my face wasn't peeling with a massive intensity like it does with Retin-A!

So I've saved my money. And tomorrow, during the Neiman Marcus "InCircle" event, I will spend $350 for a bottle of this. (and get All this cool stuff for free, too!)

I know it is insanely expensive. But it works.