Monday, September 20, 2010

Coats, part 2

A couple of years ago, I mentioned that I was in the market for a new coat. Well, guess what? I still am! I have yet to replace my old faithfuls, but it is time. In fact, I'm well past due on this.

So I've been looking around online and while I am not a particularly "trendy" gal, I do like certain trends that can be converted into relatively timeless pieces (Read, last another 10 years and still look decent).

I think I may have found my coats. At the prices listed, I can definitely have both!

The Sanctuary Frost Faux Fleece Lined Twill Parka pulls in the oh so current military inspired theme, while still being neutral with classic lines is definitely on my list. It retails for $198.00.

And the Weatherproof Faux Fur Topper above satisfies my need for something that is more formal, furry, snuggly, and animal print. It is a bargain at $138.00.

*Please don't buy these before I can grab them in my size! :)

Back on the Reading Wagon

Hey there! I haven't updated in a while, mainly because everything I've wanted to say, I've said over on Facebook and on Twitter. I haven't bought many new shoes, and I went on this no-reading kick for about two years. My skincare habits still run toward a merge of Obagi and La Mer (So. Worth. The. Money. People!). My clothes shopping and non-work style still run toward "Mexico Beach Chic." My work-style is laid back and casual, usually consisting of jeans and some sort of knit top.

Let's face it. I'm totally bo-ring!

But let's talk about this reading thing for a moment, shall we?

I literally took two years off. Well, with the exception of any Janet Evanovich book that has come out, I have read nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch!

A couple of years ago, one of my coworkers lent me the first four "Sookie Stackhouse" books. If you watch True Blood on HBO, then you know the books (or at least the name). I read the first two in rapid succession, started the third, and then put it down. I attempted it several more times over the past couple of years, but it couldn't hold my interest. Then again, nothing could. Fast forward to about a month and a half ago. I picked it up and could NOT put it down! So I then devoured book 4. In a day! I then immediately went out and purchased every other single book written in the series, including the short story collection. Of course, I read them all very quickly, was done in record time, and needed something else to read. I'm always game for anything Janet Evanovich writes, so those were on my list. Add in the always-funny Jen Lancaster, and I ran through my "go-to" reads pretty quickly.

Now I'm on the hunt for more. I've started the light and fluffy "Donut Shop" mysteries by Jessica Beck. They are quick, easy, fun reads, and come complete with scrumptious recipes. It's funny how I used to be a romance junkie and now I cannot get enough of fun, quirky, sometimes dark mysteries.

Oh well. At least this English major is back on the reading wagon once again. Now to finally finish the stack of books previously purchased and just sitting and collecting dust on my bedside table!