Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Sad

I was at Neiman Marcus Last Call Clearance Center (side note: There used to be only two of these in the US. The original two were in Austin, Texas and somewhere in New York) in Austin not too long ago.

I always peruse the shoes there as you never know when you can get acid green Manolos for $70 or Gucci stilletto sandals for under $100...

Typically, shoes for me are few and far between. Let's face it, shoes usually don't make it to a clearance center anywhere if they are popular and fit well. Lo and behold, there were multiple pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes in a variety of classic and fun styles in my size!!! I gingerly pulled the shoes out of their spot on the rack and headed over to try them on. I was so excited!!!

Um. Yeah. I don't know if was just these particular pairs or if it is all Louboutins, but... I could not for the life of me squeeze my wicked stepsister foot into a reasonably and correctly sized pair!

Poor me. But yay for my savings account!

Friday, February 08, 2008


I have a new source for fashion.
I purchased the above from her late on Wednesday. They were waiting for me today in my mail.
So. Great value and excellent service. I really could not ask for more!
And she also carries great brands. Stylish and fashionable brands. My two favorite adjectives for clothing and accessories...

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Two posts in two minutes! Wow!

I have to get this off my chest... Unless you are wearing capri pants, the pant leg needs to break across the arch of your foot.

This means that if you are wearing pants that hit at the ankle, you need to go buy new pants!!! The exception, of course, are the horrors known as "ankle-length" pants. In this case, please only wear with flats. PLEASE!

To the woman who walked into my building in front of me today (in 37-degree weather, mind you): Your platform sandals are simply adorable! I covet them. I should not have seen much beyond the toe, though. Sadly, your pants ended a good inch above your ankle. This means that no matter how well they fit you in the waist, rear, hips, and thighs, THESE PANTS DO NOT FIT YOU PROPERLY!

Why is it so hard to get the leg length correct? When in doubt, go longer not shorter.

This public service announcement brought to you by Mrs. Pop.

Skincare Book

I posted about THIS BOOK on my workout blog because it has some diet tips for better overall health. Namely, the Green Sludge Cocktail that I'm going to be drinking for the next two weeks at least.

I feel it is appropriate to post about it here, too, because it has all kinds of skincare product tips and tricks and is written by a successful dermatologist.

In my world, anything is worth a try...