Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Online Shopaholic

Lately, I've been on this shopping kick that I can't seem to break, despite the rapidly depleting funds in my checking account. I tend to be a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to buying clothes, often waiting for a good deal or a sale. I also tend to stay away from online shopping as I am super-scared to buy something and then not have it fit, and then have to go through the trouble of returning it.

Recently, though, I hit up http://www.oldnavy.com/ and http://www.gap.com/ to buy some sale items for me and some new fall clothes for the boy. And now? I'm addicted.

I guess I shop so much at those two venues in person that I just know my size and I'm comfortable ordering and then, if need be, returning something to the store.

I am a taller girl, blessed (sorry) and cursed with long legs. This makes pants shopping a bit tough, especially of the velour lounge variety. In store, there are no options for "tall." And when I spend my money, even if it's only $20, on a pair of velour lounge pants (with matching jacket, of course), I want them to fit past the first washing. I have this tendency to shrink things. I'd rather buy pants that start off a bit too long and give myself a fighting chance when it comes to laundry.

When I saw these at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago, I just knew I'd found a winner!

Women's Velour Lounge Pants

Not only do they come in "tall" sizes and pretty colors, they are now on sale. I also just washed and dried this pair and they did NOT shrink! Which means that I can still wear them out of the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

*Apparently, we now have to post disclaimers. Old Navy doesn't know who I am. These are all my personal opinions and experiences.

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